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3 Inspiring Retail Interior Designs

Retail interior design is gaining more attention than ever before, as stores evolve to attract customers away from online shopping. While not all stores have the scope and budget for the more luxurious and artistic ambitions of designer brands, it is still inspiring to take a look at what is happening at the high concept fashion stores right now.

Dezeen reports on the new flagship store for Spanish fashion brand Loewe. Its new store in Barcelona has the feel of an art gallery, with a delicate bamboo structure that twists and flows around the spacious muted interior. 

The installation was created by Japanese artist Chikuunsai IV. He told the publication: “It was important for me to express Loewe’s tradition and innovation while creating a work that merges the building and the bamboo installation together.”

He added: “[Anderson’s] essence is his passion for materials and creating innovation while maintaining tradition. Thus, I wanted to create something that fuses art, fashion, and nature together in order to form a futuristic and creative universe.”

In the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana, the designer eyewear brand Morela has adopted what it describes as an ‘Alice in Wonderland ambience’ to showcase its flagship store. The powder blue interior offers a myriad of drawers with brass fittings to pique the curiosity, and is set off with huge outsized lampshades and rotating circular brass framed mirrors. 

Meanwhile, in the London department store Selfridges, the surrealist approach is taken one step further by the French fashion designer Simon Jacquemus. He has installed a series of quirky pop-ups across the store, including a mocked-up swimming pool changing room and oversized accessories.

The clinical blue tiled spaces feature a set of lockers with unexpected 3D animations inside.  There is also a sky blue luxury handbag vending machine, which is truly a combination of high art and commerce. 

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