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CHICAGO, IL - 04 APRIL, 2016: inside 900 North Michigan, Chicago. 900 North Michigan is a skyscraper in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Iconic US Department Store Celebrates 150th Anniversary

The World-famous luxury US department store, Bloomingdale’s, is celebrating a milestone 150th anniversary this year. The upmarket store will be offering exclusive product collaborations, pop-ups, and special events as part of the celebrations, Retail & Leisure International reports.

The iconic store will also be enhancing the customer journey with a blended digital shopping experience. The flagship New York store on Lexington Avenue and 59th Street has been home to Bloomingdale’s since 1886.

It expanded to take up a whole city block in the 1920s, and the building was made over in an Art Deco style by renowned architects Van Vleck and Stannet, Classic New York History explains.  It soon became a shopping destination for fashion lovers from all over the world, and it started to host fashion shows and events in the 1940s.

The store became so successful that it expanded across America over the following 50 years. A handful of stores closed after the economic downturn of 2009, but there are still 54 stores remaining, enhanced by an online shop, and the option of working with a personal shopper.

Tony Spring, CEO of Bloomingdale’s said: “This significant milestone represents a unique moment in Bloomingdale’s rich history to not only celebrate our heritage, but to also look ahead to our next chapter”.

He added: “Some of fashion’s best brands started here, trends have been ignited here, and discoveries are made here every day. Bloomingdale’s has always been a brand that inspires, bringing people, style, culture, and technology together. It’s like no other store in the world, and will continue to be so for decades to come.”

The interior of the store has recently been fully refurbished with high-end décor, and it is so large that visitors are offered a free app to help them navigate it.

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