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Retail Design To Attract Customers In New Year

Retailers have only just got over the Christmas shopping rush, but already need to think about how to attract as many customers into their stores as possible to get the most out of the new year sale season. 

Here are some tips for improving the design to boost sales.

  1. Display windows

If you are offering a post-Christmas sale, make sure you display it on your shop windows. Use as much signage as possible, as well as stock you are trying to shift, as this will let people know what offers they can find in store. 

  1. Signage

The new year is a great time to grab bargains, whether they are festive stock that didn’t sell or end-of-season items, so make sure your customers know by putting up plenty of signs. 

Clearly state what offers are available, the bargain prices, and how long the deal is on for, so customers realise they can only take advantage of the low costs for a limited time. 

  1. Go big with decorations

Once all the Christmas decorations have been taken down, quickly swap these with a balloon arch at the entrance to the shop.

Retail Focus noted: “Shops adopt this marketing strategy to create a festive mood for their customers. This awesome strategy actually works.”

Shop managers will want to pull out all the stops in 2023 to boost sales numbers, after the Office for National Statistics recently revealed these fell by 5.9 per cent for November 2022 compared with November 2022. 

For more information on retail design project management, give us a call today to find out how you can boost sales in 2023.