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What Will Be The Commercial Interior Design Trends For 2023?

As we draw to the close of the year, commercial designers will be looking forward to the new trends of 2023. While some of this story is yet to unfold, there looks to be certain trends which are emerging, or are set to hold strongly throughout next year. Here are just a few of the ideas to look out for.

More ‘resimercial’ spaces

As more people have worked from home during the pandemic, businesses have since been busy looking for ways to tempt more reluctant employees back to the office. When it comes to the design of the office interior, there has been more focus on recreating the comforts of home, while maintaining a productive and professional atmosphere.

Trends include using more informal breakout areas with comfortable curved or rounded furniture, and indoor plants, or other ‘home from home’ type details. Softer lighting and colour schemes may also be used in some areas.

Colour blocking

This is a trend which has spread from domestic interior design, into more commercial and public places. It’s a way of introducing more personality to an interior, while still looking polished and professional. This may be a great solution for more vibrant or creative businesses to help the workplace reflect the company ethos.

Colour blocking is a straightforward concept, or introducing two or more colours within the same area. This could be a wall, furniture, window frames, door architraves—the list is endless. It could be a simple divide of one colour on the lower half of the room, with a different shade or hue on the upper half.

It could also be more adventurous, making use of curved or geometric shapes, or complementary colours which are opposite each other on the colour wheel, such as orange and blue, or red and green.


This is not a new trend of course, as the use of more sustainable and eco-friendly materials in interior design has been on the rise for several years. However, the use of reclaimed or repurposed items is set to become even more commonplace in commercial interior spaces, such as restaurants, shops, and offices.

Brands both big and small are keen to promote their green credentials to customers, as research shows that the upcoming generation of consumers are willing to spend extra on products which are manufactured from sustainable or recycled materials.

There may also be a move away from mass produced items which have been transported across the globe. Companies are now always looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, and sourcing products from more local suppliers is one of the first steps they take.

There may also be more focus on handmade items, which are built to last, rather than cheaper goods which come with a built-in obsolesce date. This ties in with a move towards more timeless styles, which are made to endure the ever-changing cycle of fashion.

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